All About Steampunk Men’s Fashion (with Vintage Sunglasses)

Steampunk fashion stems out of the steampunk movement depicted in science fiction narrations. It is an exquisite combination of fashion elements from industrial revolution of 1800 in Europe and Victorian era’s fusion of science and literature. The fashion has a hint of post apocalyptic era as well The steampunk fashion encompasses unique use of clothing, hairstyles, jewelry, body modifications and make up. There are no limits to the possibilities that can be achieved by mixing and matching the costumes and jewelry. This fashion is based on the alternate history. Some critics disagree that steampunk has its roots in fantasy, but despite this criticism, some elements of this fashion give off a hint of fantasy that is depicted in fictional literature.


As this fashion is a mixture of trends from different historical periods, Steampunk adds varieties to the wardrobe from the 19th century soldiers, explorers, landladies, countesses and harlots to the modern day punk, contemporary street fashion, goth, fetishism, vampires and frills.

A sub-culture fashion in Japan known as Lolita Fashion, is a form of Steampunk fashion. The Lolita type is a delicate expression of feminism. It is a modest category of the steampunk fashion that focus on buying clothes from the commercial vendors instead of buying from somewhere also On the other hand, the other type of steampunk fashion is mostly made of unique pieces of clothes from the thrift stores. The steampunk attire of females is usually made up of elements like lace, heavy brocades, velvet, granny boots, bustles, ornate hats, antique jewelry and gloves. Although these are some of the most common elements of this fashion, it is not restricted to these pieces of apparel. You can add many other accessories and select from the horror stories as well You can even add an element of gothic mix vampire hint to your apparel.

Since it’s a steam-punk style you get to choose the dark steam colors such as black, grey, brown, silver with a splash combination of jewelry in deep purple, midnight blue, emerald green and ruby red. Although the current trend has started embracing white color as the standard color.

How to dress like a steampunk lady

If you are looking for some cool ideas about steampunk dressing or you have some sort of themed party, then you can take help from this article.

To start you off, you need a shirt or blouse of some kind; either the one with ruffled sleeves or the sleeves with longer cuffs. You can take the boho shirts with lace insent necks and a crop jacket over the leather corset to complete the upper set of the costume. For the real fashionistas, steampunk vintage sunglasses are the best choice to go with.

Do not limit yourself to certain types of dress pieces to wear. As I mentioned, experiment with different combinations because the possibilities are endless.