New Directions!

You may have noticed that things have gone a wee bit quiet on this little blog! My day to day life is a little nutty and crazy and unscheduled and because of that platforms like my twitter, instagram and pinterest get more time and attention from me. They feel more relevant to me and I can update them as things happen without a ton of pre-planning. Running a really successful blog can be a full time job in itself and my full time job is Shrimpton Couture and that is how I want it to stay! This blog feels disjointed and sort of like the orphan child - I am least attached to it and I have always felt somewhat forced on it - like it is something I have to do because everyone else is doing it 

(I sort of feel that way about facebook too to be honest but that is another day's decision!)

I love, love, love when a blog is done well and I just don't feel that way about this one and never have. It feels like a daily chore rather then a daily happiness. I like the instant feedback I get on my other social platforms and I feel connected to my clients and followers. I don't get that same sense on this blog and it makes me not excited to blog. It takes time and effort that I feel is well spent elsewhere. I have always felt like this about the blog if I have to be honest and to be quite frank it is the least viewed and followed out of all of my little creative "world" I have created around Shrimpton Couture.  

So instead of trying to maintain something I don't really enjoy doing, in a format I just don't love and that you don't really want to read, I have decided to take it into a direction that I DO want to do everyday!!

I have felt like this for a long time but I was limited in carrying out what I always really wanted to do because I am a small independent business and really I am the team. For the most part I have been a one woman show and my "team" were all fabulous but part time and there is only so many projects you can take on without a full time person's eye on things in addition to your own. However, as of today that has changed!

I am extremely pleased to formally announce that the talented Jenna Schill, who has been with me part-time for a couple of years now, is my new Art Director! She has been at Flare Magazine in the art department but I have managed to woo her away to join Shrimpton Couture on a full time basis! I cannot tell you how pleased I am to have her! The experience, enthusiasm and talent she will bring to Shrimpton Couture is unparalleled!

She and I have talked and plotted on how to best build content of merit and we have decided on a more editorial, magazine like approach, with our own little vintage twist, that will be built it right into! This means that once you are visiting with us you will be able to access everything all at once and that there will be more of an integration between our little world of vintage, our finds, and the modern and past world of fashion! 

We are in the process right now of putting it all together and I hope to go live with it in about a weeks time. I love, love, love all the readers who have been faithful to this blog and I really hope that once we switch things over you will love the new format even more and come visit us every day like you do now!

Stay tuned! The next post will be to announce the new Editorial - Shrimpton Couture style!


The best possible post! Showing off a client!

This week we are celebrating our beautiful clients from all over the world! We have featured some on this week cover and a couple have popped up on Cherie's instagram. And we just cannot help but share this photo of the stunning Soha who recently wore the 1970s sequin Oscar de la Renta sourced at Shrimpton Couture, that she wore out to a gala in London last week! 

She looks amazing!

xxx The Shrimpton Team

Girl crushing on stylist Jessica Paster

Yesterday an interview with Jessica was published and I felt compelled to share her view with you. In response to Anne Hathaway's Chanel Haute Couture gown that is being touted as being vintage around the web, our newest girl crush - stylist extraordinaire Jessica Paster remarked:

"I was very surprised that Chanel brought a dress out from 2009 [for Anne Hathaway]. 2009 is not vintage. It’s an older dress. Vintage is vintage. It’s something in the ‘70s, ‘60s, ‘50s. The ‘90s is vintage maybe, the ‘80s perhaps. But I thought she looked lovely."

Lovely to hear someone publicly acknowledge that vintage is more then just something from a few seasons ago. I love that she obviously knows her stuff and realizes that yes, there is a difference between vintage and "older". On Shrimpton Couture, our focus is of course real vintage but we still do fully embrace and showcase pieces that are more recent and what we like to call "future vintage" as long as they are truly fabulous. However, my team and I will always, always love true, proper vintage more. 

Why? Well, besides the debatable point of "how old does vintage have to be before it can be called vintage ?", there is that very important extra element that basically boils down to the question of: 

Has the item stood the test of time in terms of style, desirability and workmanship? 

Assigning the moniker of Vintage is certainly not just a automatic qualification of literal years around our offices.*

The much bandied about word and what range of years you assign to it are not the important consideration - what is important when coining something as vintage is to recognize the word as a concept that covers oh so much more than just age!

Hunt for real vintage while you debate on this today

*PS My own personal stance is that vintage can be termed vintage at about 20 years old. and after 100 years its an antique. If the hypothetical client who is able to buy vintage for herself and wear it, did not even exist when it was originally created that's good enough for me for it to be vintage and at the opposite end if few of the original owners exist anymore than it is beyond the term vintage.

PSS Vintage is absolutely NOT crappy resell shitty-made, mass produced, cheap YUCK that was made and marketed anytime after about 1975 - never. You may argue all you want but my fingers remain firmly in my ears and yes, I am yelling LALALALALALALALALA

PSSS Vintage or not, if Chanel pulled out the archives and let me wear Haute Couture 2009 - I am IN

Boob Tubes!

We have a whole little capsule collection of these seriously fabulous, original and pristine, 1970s sequin "boob tube" tops currently for sale in the shop. I remember the first time as a little kid hearing that phrase and giggling uncontrollably for days upon days much to the annoyance of my far cooler, and older, aunts who were still wearing them with their bell bottoms in the late seventies. Modern girls should pair them with the season best glitzy bags & shoes, and then contrast with an unexpected fabric - a flannel or light wool works wonders! 

PLUS they have a hidden benefit - after all - how could you possibly wear something known as a boob tube and not walk around with anything but a big ol' silly grin plastered across your face - so in effect they are an instant mood and boob lifter!

Have a glitzy, vintage filled day
(and yes it did take everything I had not to write a boob-tastic vintage day)

Have you seen this dress?

One of my clients sent me these shots this week of a gorgeous and colorful maxi dress that was worn by January Jones on a Mad Men episode in all her glorious 1960s housewife glory! My client is just a wee bit obsessed with owning its twin. And when I say obsessed I mean she is on one of those life-time committed quests! Oh don't even TRY to fool me - I know that you know exactly what I mean! I have a bucket list of those "quests" myself! Don't you?

Here at Shrimpton Couture treasure hunting is not only our second name - its our very reason to live! So we thought we would put out the call to our faithful and lovely readers! If you spot a twin of this beauty or something that is darn close - drop us a line! 

Have a vintage treasure hunting filled day!

Best Dressed in Alexander McQueen

Nope this is not a big round up post of last night Globe dresses. It's better! 

We spotted this fantastic picture of Brian Atwoods lovely sister Cameron and her husband Doug, on Brian's instagram

Seriously - is Brian our hand's down, most handsome and debonair client like ever? Les sigh!

Cameron looks amazing wearing the extremely rare, extremely, limited - we know of three including this one - 2010 Alexander McQueen Tattoo dress that Brian sourced through Shrimpton Couture. Don't we all wish we had a brother that would dress us up in couture AND designed amazing shoes to boot? 

And we could not resist re-posting the lovely shout out Brian gave us on twitter. For us that equals our own glittering "best of" statuette and a best dressed appearance to boot!

Have a Hollywood and vintage filled day!

Lace? Love it or Leave it?

Lace, like velvet, is one of those fabrics that seems to have small blips of popularity and then slide back into the murky depths of "what your grandmother wore". I think it is because most people have never actaully seen real lace. The lace you see on the racks of those chain stores at the mall are all machine made and god only knows out of what chemical combination of fibers. Even the higher end lace pieces these days are for the most part machine made and most often a mix of synthetic fibers. Better then the lower end stuff but still not the real thing. Real lace - like the hand made Chantilly lace pieces are a whole different ballgame. Their delicate, gossamer designs with beautifully edged bouquets and explosion of blossoms suspended on a fine backdrop of beauty defy our perceptions of what people can create. Made by hand. Hours and hours and hours and hours of delicate, precise, meticulous hand work. 

Think about that and then stop and really think about it. 

You will never look at real lace in the same way again!

From Wikipedia:

Chantilly lace is a handmade bobbin lace named after the city of Chantilly, France, in a tradition dating from the 17th century, though the most famous are silk laces introduced in the 18th century. Though called Chantilly lace, most of the lace bearing this name was actually made in Bayeux in France and Geraardsbergen, now in Belgium.
Chantilly lace is known for its fine ground, outlined pattern, and abundant detail. The pattern is outlined in cordonnet, a flat untwisted strand. The best Chantilly laces were made of silk, and were generally black, which made them suitable for mourning wear. White Chantilly lace was also made, both in linen and silk, though most Chantilly laces were made of silk. The black silk Chantilly lace became especially popular, and there was a large market for it in Spain and the Americas. Chantilly and the Spanish laces (such as Blonde Lace) were the most popular black laces. Little white Chantilly was eve made. Another notable thing about Chantilly lace is the use of a half-and-whole stitch as a fill to achieve the effect of light and shadow in the pattern, which was generally of flowers. The background, or réseau, was in the form of a six pointed star, and was made of the same thread as the pattern, unlike the otherwise similar Blonde Lace. The lace was produced in strips approximately four inches wide, and then joined with a stitch that left no visible seam.

Have a beautiful, fantastical, vintage lace filled day

Downtown Abbey Costume Love

One of my team members spent the entire holiday break devouring every single episode of Downtown Abbey and put together this little retrospective of some of the best and most beautiful looks from the show! I have to be honest and tell you that I have yet to watch it though am now obligated under a combined - threat of death by said staffer - and - a fascination with the superb costuming! With so many movies coming out this year that are set in the twenties and early thirties, do you think it will influence fashion in general and bring back these fabulous twenties and early 1930s silhouettes? Tell me your thoughts!

Have a decadently twenties, vintage filled day


A Bright Start to the New Year!

I am a die hard coral fan. Its always been one of my favorite colors. It works on just about any skin tone and is a softer option then a red. You can treat it like a neutral and mix and match it with just about any color under the sun. More important then that is how it makes you feel. For some reason it is one of those colors that seem to make you remember tropical vacations and exotic locales. I cant help but smile whenever I find an especially good piece in this glorious hue! Sadly the vintage Chloe dress that you see above already has been snatched up but I have a spectacular silk version and an outstanding Halston cashmere maxi that will do the trick still! 

Have a colorfully vintage day!

Other photos:

The 4th Annual Luxe for Less 25% Sale has officially begun!

It's begun!

The once a year, seven day opportunity to grab some of the best vintage available for 25% off! You can use, share and buy as much as you want using this code for the next seven days! This is the only sale of the season and its the best sale of the year!

As always, every piece of vintage purchased has been professionally cleaned and is sent boxed, gone over and is ready to wear upon arrival!


(there are a few items exempt from the sale and new items listed this week will be exempt as well - these will have an "inquire" instead of a price - just pop me a note to get info or buy!)

A little outfit inspiration

 I know that many of you are already in preperations to attend some fabulous event tonight to celebrate both the last day of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. Take a little outfit inspiration from this vintage Halston editorial and make it a glitzy, glammy evening. Why not do full on sequins? After all what better time to blaze in paillettes and rock a sequin net cap then at the biggest party of the year? Add a dash of bubbly, your favorite heels and perhaps a handsome man by your side for a little arm candy and what more does a girl need? 

Happy New Year to each of you from the entire Shrimpton Couture team!

Have a vintage filled New Year's Eve!


Overloaded on green, red and glitter from the holidays? Clean your fashion palette and do a graphic blacks and white combination. It's a great way to take a color break before the riotous colors of spring hit us! Of course we recommend you start with a great vintage piece and then add chic and simple modern accessories! 

Have a wonderfully vintage monochromatic day

Stacey Kimel in 1970s Haute Couture Givenchy

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Just before the holiday I was over the moon to see one of my most beautiful and chic clients - the glamorous Stacey Kimel - decide to wear her 1970s numbered, haute couture Givenchy beaded gown that she purchased from me months and months ago. She looked so spectacular in it that my team and I unanimously voted to make her our cover girl! She went to her event with her exceedingly handsome beau Ryan Cook. They looked amazing didn't they?

Stacey's Gown is completely hand beaded and a true work of art. It is in my top five most spectacular vintage pieces that I have had the pleasure of having and a very important piece as well. It is always an honor to have true haute couture pass through my hands to be worn by yet another fabulous and stunning woman!

Have a vintage couture filled day and may you be surrounded by handsome gentleman too!