Wearing Vintage - Karla Deras of Karla's Closet

We all have at least one LBD in our closets and in theory you should be able to find a vintage version of the infamous little black dress no matter what your budget - you can pick up a version (with a little effort put into the hunt) at a local thrift store for very little money, or go mid to high end and find one at your local vintage shop or with an on-line dealer like moi, who has done the curating for you. Just look for a good fabric with a decent cut and good seaming, make sure it is stain, rip and odor free and that the fit is good (or invest a few more dollars and have a tailor tweak it). Find one that when you put it on makes you feel good if not great!

The Perfect LBD Test: Is this the dress that you will wear when you have 30 seconds to get ready and have to look GOOD and the only thing you should need to worry about in those crazy 30 seconds is whether you are remembering your keys? You MUST be able to slip, zip and pull that baby on without a thought or a glance in a mirror - uh huh I said it - no mirror and still have peace of mind. No skirt tugging, gut sucking or even a second of a second thought or hesitation. If the answer is yes to all that, than girl, you have found yourself your own personal perfect LBD!

Then like Karla, (of the uber well read blog Karla's Closet) take that LBD and add your own personal twist! Karla's little black dress is a 1960s version and I love how she has styled it - don't you? Simple clean classic. Just like the LBD

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