Yes I Did Get to Try Those Verdura Baubles on

A week or so ago I was lucky enough to attend the private trunk show for Verdura in the historic Philip Johnson apartment. It was hosted by the glamorous society jeweler about town - Mr Myles Mindham - who owns the swanky Mindham Fine Jewelery shop in Yorkville. I went with Nathalie Atkinson, Style Editor at our own National Post. Going to a soiree with Nath is amazing - she literally knows everyone so I just plant myself in her wake and am towed about from one fabulous person to another! I also was lucky enough to have full access to a table FULL of Verdura jewels and was allowed to try one after another on to my hearts content. These are not costume pieces girls - just read the prices for these pieces below and drool! Honestly it was heaven!

Verdura is a fascinating company and I highly recommend you pop over to their site and read the history of the company and then spend a few hours going through their jewels. You will walk away with a raging NEED to own a piece especially if you love vintage as much as I do. This is a company steeped in history and their jewels have been paired with some of the most fascinating woman and extraordinary pieces of clothing that ever existed. The page I linked you to above is chock full of pictures and stories - really wonderfully done. Though I will warn you now that you may get a little obsessed with their pieces. Once you see the real thing it is tough to look at the endless costume versions out there!

Ward Landrigan, the chairman and owner of Verdura was flown in from New York and spoke about the history of Verdura and regaled us with his stories about flying all over the world to hand deliver diamonds to Elizabeth Taylor. To really get a scope on what Verdura is all about - please take a moment jump to Natalie's write-up in the Post here and take another moment to hop over and watch this video below where Ward tells the story of Elizabeth, a very large and important pearl and a dog and there is also an excellent interview that Ward did the next morning on BNN that you can see here.

An exceptional evening and a huge thank you to Nathalie and Myles for including me!

All photos from Nath's iPhone. I am wearing a vintage YSL velvet great coat from the 1970s. Pieces I tried and loved were: from the top left... The Chevalier Cuff - emerald, sapphire, pearl, diamond, white enamel and 18kt gold, with precision hinge. Price upon request (aka Way over $100,000!); An amazing all diamond version that is closest to the Double Crescent Bracelet, the version found on-line is combo of gold and diamonds and is $67,500 - I think the version I tried on was well over $200,000!; The Candy Ring - Just amazing and made of amethyst, turquoise and 18k yellow gold.  $10,250 and under that is The Three Stone Ring - peridot, blue topaz, and 18k yellow gold. $14,200; then there is the amazing Lilly Bracelet - Originally created for Marlene Dietrich and made of diamond, platinum and gold. $83,500; and last, in the center an amazing one of a kind ring that I kinda fell in love with. Don't even ask....

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